About Us

Leydi Cookwares

The foundations of Enkay Aluminum Cookwares Ltd. Co. were laid by Gozde Aluminum Co. which was founded in 1978. It started manufacturing with aluminum cookwares in 150 m2 of production area.

Our company, which started to grow in 1984 with the establishment of aluminum foundry, launched the manufacturing of anodized aluminum cookwares in 1988 which was the first in the Black Sea Region for that time. With the establishment of Enkay Limited Company in 1995, we started to manufacture non-stick cookwares with the brand LEYDI.

Today in 7500 m2 of area, we try to increase the quality achieved by our brand LEYDI and meet the needs of production department by renewing itself and production technology continuously.

As Enkay family, our aim is to be the name of quality via the brand LEYDI and to produce a wide range of durable and ergonomic products with international standards in a spirit of team work. As Enkay, we are aware that all of which are necessary conditions to go on for years and become a dynamic company, thus we are committed to reach the top point in this sector decisively.